What’s your best night out story?

One guy paid a homeless man to take him home

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The streets of Liverpool are littered with embarrassing and funny moments from nights out, and too often we probably can’t remember them. We asked this group of party goers to decipher their most embarrassing moment.

Rosie Steedman, 18, Journalism


“I drank too much in the club so we went to get some fresh air and I got a bit nauseous.

“I proceeded to vomit onto a bouncer, then I dropped my purse on the floor and I was trying to pick everything up and I sort of fell down backwards, did a commando roll down the stairs and lay in my own vomit.

“I then had to be cradled home by an Irish man called Hickey, who later pooed in my toilet and left it there.”

Cameron Snook, 20, IT and Multimedia Computing


“I was on holiday in Turkey and we were at a foam party. I decided to get up  on to the podium and I was hanging off it, fell off the podium onto this massive guy and spilt my drink all down the back of his shirt.”

Matty Maguire, 19, Journalism


“I hadn’t eaten before so it got heavy. I ended up badly drunk, and from what other people have told me, I was standing with my mates one second, then I ran away from them and tried to run somewhere on my own.

“I tripped, fell and knocked my front teeth out. The same night I was sick on myself, pissed myself, and had to go get false teeth the day later, hungover in last nights wet piss clothes.”

Owen, 21, Computer Games Technology


“It was my first night in Liverpool back in September, and I decided to go out and have a few too many drinks. I ended up losing everyone I went out with and I met this homeless guy, who I paid £10 to take me back home because I didn’t know where I was.

“Apparently I was about 20 minutes away, so he took me on the scenic route to show me the sights of Liverpool.”

Caroline Hesford, 20, English Literature


“I was in Med on Friday and we stumbled over to the sink in the toilets.

“Then there was just these perfectly fine shoes just in the bin. So we decided to have a bit of a photo shoot with them.”

Joy Pennington, 19, History


“I was given gin, which wasn’t a good idea, and we were all messing about and me and my flatmate fell into the wall.

“I cracked my head open but I was still keen to go out, so we went to Reflex then went to A&E at 2am and had stitches.”