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Now you can be a part of the team behind the hits. You should join The Tab because:

  • We’ve broken huge scoops, including our interview with Take Me Out’s Lily-Mae Fisher and that thing on the dodgy chem eng video, which was picked up by the Huffington Post.

  • We have a London bureau (ok it’s an office) staffed by former Tab writers who teach the dark arts of journalism.

  • They also land you work experience and jobs at places like The Sun, Buzzfeed and the Telegraph, not to mention Tab HQ itself and writers from The Tab Imperial have seen their work in the Huffington Post, The Sun, and Buzzfeed

  • Big dogs in the meeja have praised us, including the editors of Buzzfeed and the Mail on Sunday.

  • We’ll invite you to our regular socials, our massive summer party and the semi-legendary Tab Christmas curry.

  • You don’t need any experience, we just want fun and enthusiastic people to join our team – we’ll make you a great journo, and give you a Tab t-shirt.

Why wouldn't you want to join this lot?

Why wouldn’t you want to join this lot?

We are looking for new writers in every section and an editor.

If you’re interested, email [email protected] to find out more.