It’s official: Imperial grads make the most cash

Impbridge is real

Sorry UCL, can’t hear you over the sound of all the money I’m making.

According to the Sunday Times University Guide, Imperial’s array of super-students have the highest average salary six months after graduating.

With an average annual pay-packet of £29,198, graduates from London’s top university earn over a grand more than the nerds over at LSE, Cambridge and Oxford.

Is this the death of ‘Oxbridge’?

The news comes a week after Imperial was crowned the world’s joint-second best university in the QS World University Rankings, giving the campaigners behind ‘Impbridge’ (who are these people?) more hope than ever.

Earth science student Prashant Neel Mahendran said: “It doesn’t surprise me. Imperial is a a brilliant science university and this news shouldn’t surprise anyone. I hope the rankings help people see that.”

The stats could be a result of Imperial’s science and engineering background naturally lending itself to the well-paid finance sector, the strong proportion leaving with Masters degrees, and everyone being a bit unnervingly keen for giving up their degree subjects to go into the city instead of the poorly-paid journalism, charity sector, or teaching english.

It’s convenient that Imperial students earn the most, because David ‘cheekbones’ Goldsmith says we’re terrible at spending it – despite getting a bigger loan than brain-boxes at other universities.

Last year’s ICU President David Goldsmith said: “A lot of students struggle with budgeting, but you do get a higher grant in London.”

Money can’t buy you happiness though. Imperial’s big earning graduates may have overflowing wallets, but they aren’t even in the top 20 for student satisfaction, fairness of workload, or generally having a good time.

Another happy Imperial student on his way to lectures

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In May, a former Imperial student poured a staggering £40 million pounds – the biggest donation it had ever received – into building a revolutionary biomedical engineering centre.

Check out the official stats:

Imperial salary

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