#SaveTeddington: ICSM creates petition to save Sports Ground

Medics take opposition to Sport Imperial up a notch

After recent revelations that ICSM Sport’s spiritual home Teddington isn’t to be used next year, its students have taken up arms and hashtags against the plans and now have set up a petition opposing the plans to force the clubs to relocate to Heston while instead renting out the Twickenham site or whatever it is College plans on doing.

It now has 200 signatories and The Tab strongly suggest that anyone involved in the medical school or its sports teams signs up.

Teddington's future remains unclear

Teddington’s future remains unclear

#SaveTeddington isn’t an elaborate plan to save a teddy bear from a grimacing lunatic but instead one of the few ways students have been able to oppose the plans after revelations the union weren’t exactly consulted.

In a statement to The Tab, College said

“With the acquisition of Heston we’ll be taking stock of the facilities we now have and the best way to make use of them to deliver a good service. This means in the 2014/15 academic year we will be focusing on the use of Harlington and Heston for all Imperial sport, suspending College sporting activities at Teddington sports ground until we can properly assess the new arrangement.

We’ll be considering carefully the future use of Teddington as there is a lot of overlap between its facilities and those available at Heston, though the Heston site’s amenities and location provide a better sporting offer. The College has a responsibility to ensure that all of its assets are used efficiently and effectively.”

But, the students have claimed that Heston would be too far away and difficult to get to if on clinical placements at hospitals across North West London such as St Peters and Hillingdon, making it either very difficult or impossible for them to get from clinical placements to the sports grounds in time, worrying given years 3, 5 and 6 can represent the core of the sports clubs and goes against the idea of increased participation in sport.

The Sports clubs appear united in their opposition to the move, with all the Teddington-based clubs and the rowers getting in on the act and showing solidarity with each other in their opposition to the move. They’ve previously been referred to as an anomaly and have had their names stripped off them by BUCS as the national sporting body moves to label all the teams under the IC banner.

Sport Imperial haven’t exactly been making noise either, only one tweet regarding Teddington has been sent out, saying they were having constructive talks and that ICSMSU President and Rugby Club Member Dariush Hassanzadeh-Baboli was “representing” his club ably but little else is known right now.


Despite the vocal opposition Sport Imperial have remained quiet, announcing the move on June 27th, just as term was ending and when the fifth year medical students – who make up the vast majority of club and first team captains – busy sitting their exams and it remains unclear if Sport Imperial have yet justified the move to those whom it will most affect.

Alumni have come out against the plans too, criticising how it goes against the spirit of the medical school and arguing how Sport Imperial aren’t really taking their opinions or views to heart and pointing out how important Teddington and Sport in general was to their time at ICSM.

Someone get Tim Howard on the phone…