Union to have Gender Neutral Toilets

Move announced at Union Council on Tuesday Evening

In Union Council on Tuesday, it was announced that the Union is to begin using Gender Neutral Toilets in its building, and have “committed” to all single stall toilet places being gender neutral to avoid the awkwardness of binary gender definitions.

Coming to a Beit Quad near you

Coming to a Beit Quad near you

This was part of a “campaign” run by Deputy President (Welfare) Marissa Lewis but there appears to be no mention of it on the Union website, no in any newsletter sent to the College’s undergraduate population however we understand it has been circulated around some groups within the student population.


This comes in addition to the Union putting together a guideline on using gender neutral terminology (union council documents unclear as to what exactly that is).

Gender Neutral Toilets are a thing at other universities including Manchester and are reportedly in place at the infamously aggressive UCL Union.