Attack of the Stormtroopers: UCL and King’s put down in London Cricket Varsity 2014

wins against Strand and Camden Polys see Imperial storm to victory

On Tuesday the 10th of June ICUCC headed out to Regents Park pumped to prove to London that we were the best cricketing side in London. Some of us more alive than the rest. On a side note being dragged out of bed at 8 in the morning after 3 hours sleep to play cricket cause ‘‘we’re short’’ is not fun or pleasant, so cheers Dave.

This whole tournament was organised by UCL who were so keen they decided to buy a horrendously looking purple T20 kit just to try and put out that they were a dominant side. Also they had to be a pain because of it and bowl with a white ball.

Match 1: ICUCC vs UCL

After winning the toss ICUCC decided to bat first. Vishal and Hemant opened the batting however both managed to to lose their wickets cheaply, Vishal to a spectacular catch at slip and Hemant being bowled. Sam also managed to lose his wicket fairly cheaply for five, leaving it to Viggy and Karan to rebuild the innings aided by the help of what was probably 2 of the worst umpires that have ever existed. They were probably taught the rules the morning of the match.

Karan was stumped at least 3 times and run out twice all of which was given not out. They also struggled to count and would constantly get the number 5 and 6 confused. However Viggy eventually lost his wicket to an attempted big haul over mid off. In came Arjun who also lost his wicket fairly cheaply and Huzaifah essentially went straight back after walking in due to some horrendous calling by Karan.

Karan eventually lost his wicket at a point were we really didn’t have much on the board but a last ditch cameo from Dave, Tom and Shaneil (mostly Dave) left us with a semi-respectable score of 112.

In reply UCL started with a diamond duck with their opener nicking behind. A constant stream of wickets meant that UCL were under constant pressure and imperial looked on course for a simple victory. But the umpires simply couldn’t let this happen which led them to giving UCL 6 penalty point for imperial having a slow over rate. Making things far too tight.

But Drama emerged in the final over win which UCL required 5 runs in the last over but the umpires managed to cock up their counting again. Claiming that UCL required 2 of the last ball. But this sent UCL into uproar causing them to sprint onto the pitch with a scorebook to argue. Eventually the umpires gave in depite Viggy’s protest. However some excellent death bowling shival meant Imperial could hang on for the win.

Batting figures:
Viggy: 36
Dave : 21
Karan: 18

Bowling Figures:
Shaneil: 4-0-18-2
Tom: 4-0-18-2
Viggy: 4-0-22-2

Stylish... ladies' man Arjun takes a break from London Fashion Week to play some Cricket


Match 2: ICUCC vs King’s

Rivals King’s came into the match having managed to see off LSE, comfortable scoring 217-1 with one of their openers scoring a hundred odd so looked likely to present a stern challenge to the boys.

Winning the toss again imperial put kings into bat. King’s got off to a flying start scoring 56 off of the first 4 overs. This did involve Dave getting bored and decided it would be more fun to bowl to first slip rather than the batsman on numerous occasions and ended up bowling 18 balls for 2 overs. Furthermore because it was obvious that imperial were going to win Karan decided to drop both openers early on just to make the game seem more interesting.

Eventually ICUCC managed to dismiss the top 3 and then we were well and truly into the tail. Dave managed to the crowd on his side by taking a spectacular one handed catch on the boundary and then proceeding to down a can given to him, leading to everyone chanting his name. Imperial eventually managed to restrict King’s to 126. Special mention to Tom for bowling an excellent spell, taking 4 wickets for 9 runs.

In reply Imperial got off to a solid start with a strong opening partnership of 61 which included a cool calm and collected half century by Vishal whilst Hemant just stood by and watched. Both eventually lost their wicket which brought in Viggy and sam. Sam however also lost his wicket cheaply which brought in crowd favourite ENNY Scott (Dave). Who pleased the crowd by smashing it round the park and taking us home.

Batting Figures:
Vishal: 54
Dave: 38
Viggy: 28

Bowling Figures :
Tom: 4-0-9-4
Viggy: 4-0-11-2
Dave: 4-0-30-1