Physics students left bemused and angry after full list of exam niggles sent round by department

Less banter and more aggressive than last mass email regarding exams to Physics first years

What do writing in margins, using green pen, and answer several exam questions in one booklet have in common? They’re all things which annoy the Department of Physics and get you a mention in the “stop doing this you derps” message and list sent round your year according to an email leaked to The Tab. 

Atlas may have shrugged but Angus sent a narky email to bemused students

Atlas may have shrugged and this bloke may have face-palmed but Angus instead sent a narky email to bemused students

In the worryingly frank exchange, a full list of all the things students had done wrong was sent out to all first years in the department giving the students’ CIDs and what they’d done to annoy Angus MacKinnon and co.

Ways to annoy your examiners 1 through 4

Ways to annoy your examiners 1 through 4

Particularly jarring was telling one student they aren’t writing  π properly. It involved a bit of a tirade on telling them to go away and practice, how lovely.

“Handwritten  π looks nothing like it should. Please look through some notes where you may have written this letter quickly in an equation and compare it with what it ought to look like. Now practice writing it properly”

Thankfully “was smelly” doesn’t feature as some feared, but apparently saying “coz” is rather… uncouth (unclear if marks deducted or just if the general hatred of the examiner was earned) and writing a complaint about non-examinable content isn’t cool either and you should just get on with it. And save it for SOLE; everybody loves ripping people in SOLE.

CIDs blanked out because we don't want to embarrass people infront of their mates

CIDs blanked out because we don’t want to embarrass people infront of their mates

Aside from none of these involving Gandalf walking in and shouting “you shall not pass” or comments on the artistic merit of any cartoons drawn suggesting the science fiction jokes/failure nihilism drawings have yet to fully embed themselves in the minds of the poor, innocent freshers, it is worrying that the department is prepared to attach these to students’ CIDs and thereby allow them to be identified if someone tries really hard, and is just a bit embarrassing really. Maybe just one to be brought up in personal tutorials/general exam feedback in future?

If your department does something similar or has a mildly banterous way of emailing students, let us know as we’d love to hear all about it. [email protected]