The Life & Times Of Thomas J Wheeler

Spending just a small amount of time with Tom Wheeler tells you all you need to know about who to vote for in this week’s elections.

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It’s 6am and Tom Wheeler’s iPhone 4s rattles and vibrates to the tune of Led Zeppelin. A stubbly Tom stirs in his bed. At first he considers hitting snooze, but quickly reminds himself he made a promise to get up at 6, and Tom keeps promises.

The walk from his bedroom to the shower is short and Tom down right refuses to dress for it. The water’s cold this morning. Tom makes a mental note to contact the landlord. This is the house’s second day without hot water, and Tom will be damned before his housemates have to suffer any less than all the mod cons. With all 6″3 of his body cleansed with a Body Shop shower gel (Tom loves animals), he dresses, wolfs down a bowl of Lucky Charms and heads to South Kensington on his bike.

Tom at one with nature - (Credit: Yasmin Malik)

Tom at one with nature – (Credit: Yasmin Malik)

It is a morning filled with Physics lectures so dull that they (somewhat ironically) give the sense that the clocks tick slower than they really ought to. But time and Tom wait for no man; it’s the first week of Imperial’s Big Elections, and campaign Tom must.

It’s not easy to get the word out about your election campaign. Sure you can create a MySpace page, make some noise on Bebo and encourage all your BBM contacts to vote, but how much difference does all that really make?

Did I mention he drives tractors, cos he drives tractors

Did I mention he drives tractors? Because he drives tractors

Meetings with sabbatical officers of yesteryear and discussions with friends from the medic and post-grad communities, combined with canvassing the opinion of every student on campus who’d talk to him meant Tom had built a rock solid manifesto that was progressive and deliverable. Seeing Tom pour in time, effort and his wealth of experience into making sure his running for President was a worthy pursuit, anything less than agreeing to help would have felt like a disservice to the rest of the student body.

It’s lunch time now. Tom beats a path to the JCR, bashfully commenting on his posters and how “it’s weird seeing my face everywhere”. Making a beeline for the pies, he takes a little more than two scoops of mash (nobody’s perfect). Once seated, his phone is straight out of his pocket to reply to the barrage of emails and texts of support and advice… Wait, no this time he’s playing Flappy Tom… but I swear before he had like 4 unread texts or something.

I make no apologies for including this picture

I make no apologies for including this picture

The story stops here, but the message doesn’t. I’ve gone to lengths to give you details, because details matter, and I’m privy to some about Tom he’d be embarrassed to share himself. Details such as the fact he has, before each RCC meeting he’s chaired, trekked all the way to Sainsburys to pick up snacks for everyone because “essentials is shit for snacks”. It’s a special personality that climbs Yosemite National Park but only ever has pictures of family as a laptop background and plans, in secret, to bring a group of friends to France to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday.

Put bluntly, Tom is the most potent combination of Nice Guy™ and “Doer of Things” I’ve ever been fortunate enough to call a friend. That’s why I’m voting Tom, and that’s why I am, in an effort to channel the man himself, asking you rather politely to do the same.