Maximum news: are you not entertained?

Why I’m voting Max Eggl for Felix Editor

For those of you who are keeping up to date with the elections, I know that you have been interested in mainly, only one position: the Felix editor. This coveted position is not only one bathed in prestige but, debatably, unlike the rest of the union affects our lives. 


BNOC of the year Justin Spurdens wants the Max, do you?

The main reason I wanted to write this article is because I want Maximillian Eggl to win Felix Editor. Outlined are the three main reasons why:

1)      He’s got that passion and he’s got that personality. If he’s a pizza, he’s got the gentle tact of a herbie margarita; packed with a lot of punchy ham and sprinkled with a bit of quirky pineapple- in essence he’s a Hawaiian (my favourite). More importantly, over his two year career, I’ve known him write multiple articles for single Felix issues to fill out the paper when there haven’t been enough reports; I’ve known him become reclusive through dedication to writing and I’ve known him sacrifice his grades for the paper. Even contender Philippa was quoted in the Tab saying: ‘Max has an enthusiasm for Felix that I find very refreshing’. Number one quality you should look for is enthusiasm, just over experience (probably).


former Biologist, future phone salesman David Pereira wants the Max, do you?

2)      He’s got that experience. Two years section head or something for the paper. This guy is the next best thing since Shakespeare in writing and oral both. If you watched the hustings you will have noticed that soft undertone is his voice (think Russell Crowe) that I wished my parents had blessed me with. He’s not only got that personality to breathe life into the paper, he’s got the vocab.


Rumoured Russian Mafia boss Alibek, wants the max, do you?

3)      He doesn’t mind a bit of mayhem. He doesn’t mind shaking things up a bit- he wants change. When in Princeton, America together, I distinctly remember him picking up the up ‘The Princetonian’ (their paper) and studying it like he would a textbook. Moreover one of the best memories was Max’s driving skills from the trip. Being forced into a giant 12-seater American beast of a car, without any experience for automatic cars, he didn’t back down he put our lives in danger with his shit driving ( a couple of laps round a car park and twice round some roundabouts)and ploughed on.

Max wants progress for Felix and isn’t afraid to get it.


Known as ‘the King’ in Biochemistry circles according to his flatmates Giles Kisby want the max, do you?

More seriously though, I really want Max to win the election because he does something Maciej also feels is important which is try to get more students and clubs and societies involved and reported on. Clubs and societies and trying new things are something I think is really important for almost everyone at the college and I don’t think Felix does enough. If more people know the great stuff others are doing on campus and how to get involved, then I think that is a change worth voting for.

Honestly, vote with where your heart is, but if your heart wants maximum news (no typos) then this is your man.