A far more tolerable version of Blurred Lines courtesy of the sixth year medics

The Final Year Medics decided that, having been exposed to Blurred Lines for the entirety of summer after fifth year exams, it was about time for a good parody.

Footballer/Golfer/Cricketer/DJ/Ladies Man Dev Thakker led the production team whilst doing anything to avoid revising for finals and even got the faculty involved in the project.

What happened next can only be described as brilliant…

ICSM’s mascot, the venerated Phoenix, was at the centre of it all, with faculty and sports teams slightly more dressed than the models in the original video.

Starting off in the library, the poor Phoenix had a fair bit to learn in preparation for March



Although to be fair the faculty were on hand to help out…


ICSMFC patron Mr Teoh and the awkward moment when you need clinical skills as well as knowing all the bones’ and nerves’ latin names

Work aside, some of the other important elements of MedSchool also featured, especially the sports clubs


Classic Hockey…

Charing Cross Security, a feature on the lives of so many if Imperial’s medical students, also got involved

Charing Cross Security, a feature on the lives of so many medical students also got involved

John is an oft-under-appreciated but essential part of many students’ lives

And it finished with the awkward moment when Dev couldn’t get all of the suit back for fear of failing his finals and the dreaded resits…


For the full video (warning Medic in-jokes ahead) watch below