Exclusive: Hull Uni planning £20 million of cuts by 2022, leaked docs show

The VC has admitted the uni’s position is ‘untenable’ and 10 per cent cuts might be needed

Hull uni are planning for cuts of £20 million by 2022 to save themselves from an "untenable" position, The Hull Tab can reveal.

In an internal presentation leaked to The Hull Tab, the university’s Vice Chancellor Professor Susan Lea confessed that the state of Hull University will “probably get worse before it gets better”.

It's a further blow after the decision to cut the languages department and close some philosophy courses.

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The presentation, entitled "Realising our Vision: Strategic Planning 2018–2021", paints a stark and depressing picture of the state of our university, with Professor Lea confessing that the “plummeting league table results are “untenable””, with the latest Guardian rankings placing Hull at 106th in the country.

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The presentation indicates further swingeing cuts are to come and that the aim for the future is “Not a larger university, but a smaller one of higher quality”, with “all models showing a need to make reductions in costs”.

In a startling admission, the university has stated the most likely course of action that will be taken will be “a reduction of £20m in our annual cost base by 2022”. This amounts to a staggering 10 per cent cut to the university in the next four years.

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The swinging cuts to departments and other areas of the university follow the spending of £28.5 million on The Courtyard accommodation and the Team GB partnership which —whilst the university has refused to disclose the cost —is speculated to have cost millions also.

The Vice Chancellor concluded the presentation by saying: “This is not going to be easy, but we are going to do it”—that remains to be seen.

Hull Uni said: "The presentation was made by the Vice-Chancellor in June 2018 and was made available to all staff – a short video is still available internally. She also held a number of forums with staff to discuss the presentation in more detail. The current climate facing all universities remains challenging and, as such, we have to review our strategy and adapt to the shifting landscape.

"These investments are about enhancing experiences for students at the University of Hull. By investing in high-quality, on-campus accommodation we are meeting the demands of students and the Team GB investment will also create unique, CV-boosting opportunities for students at the university, while also helping to attract more prospective students in the future.

"These investments are critical to growing student recruitment and, as such, strengthening the position of the university so we can continue to offer high-quality and respected qualifications for many years to come."