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University encourages tributes to Libby Squire

Students encouraged to leave tributes opposite Library

Following the tragic news of the discovery of Libby Squire's body in the Humber Estuary, the University of Hull has sent a message to all students encouraging them to leave tributes near one of the trees opposite the Brynmor Jones Library (outside the Hardy Building).

The university stated: "We’ll stay in contact with Libby’s family to understand and respect their wishes in how they’d like Libby to be remembered and will share this information with you in due course."

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In their statement, the University Vice-Chancellor Professor Susan Lea said: "Our hearts go out to Libby’s family and friends at this incredibly difficult time and we will continue to give them our full support.

"We have been incredibly moved by the way staff, students, Humberside Police and the local community have all come together over the past few weeks. The kindness and care everyone has shown towards each other has been overwhelming, as has everyone’s commitment to finding Libby since she went missing.

"We will keep doing everything we can to support our staff and students as they adjust to this shocking and tragic news and we will continue to support the Police fully with their investigation."

If you need any support over this tragic event, student support colleagues will be on hand on the Ground Floor of the library tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday.

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Libby, 21, was reported missing after she failed to return home after being turned away from Welly nightclub on the night of Friday 1st February at 11pm. She was then dropped off at her house in Wellesley Avenue at 11.29pm and seen along on the Beverley Road at 11.40pm.

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