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Hull graduation ceremonies to no longer happen at City Hall

The Bonus Arena has been selected as the new venue

The University of Hull has announced that the 2019 graduation ceremony will, for the first time in many years, not take place at the historic Hull City Hall venue.

Instead students will graduate from the new "Bonus Arena", which was opened in July 2018.

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In an internal announcement, the University declared that whilst City Hall has "served the University well", they have listened to feedback about the ceremony and made the decision to seek an alternative venue for its ceremonies.

The move appears to have been primarily made on the basis of both accommodating a greater number of people at the ceremony, and the ability to organise gowning, photography and the ceremony all in the same building. At past graduation ceremonies students would walk from City Hall to the Royal Hull Hotel afterwards.

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The Bonus Arena has 3,500 seats, as opposed to City Hall's 1,200, which will allow for students to invite a greater number of family and friends to the ceremony—tickets for which in previous years have been limited at two per student.

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Who doesn't dream of graduating directly next to the A63?

The move has been met with mixed reactions however, with some students complaining they prefer the historic setting of City Hall and the iconic photo location of Victoria Square's fountain.

#HullFess1880Who the fuck wants to graduate in the Bonus Arena? Looks like a fucking high school academy gym

Posted by HullFess on Sunday, February 17, 2019

Another Facebook user commented, "Think it should still be City Hall, lovely venue and maybe old fashioned but I always think graduations are more fittingly held at older, grander venues."

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The glamorous view students will face when leaving their graduation

The University have noted that "plans and preparations for the summer ceremonies are well underway and we look forward to seeing you during the ceremonies and celebration events".

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