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Free printing credits raised to £20 per year

“This is a huge step forward in eliminating financial issues that students may face.”

The University of Hull has today announced that today's current free printing allowance is to be raised from a mere £3.50 for the entirety of your degree to £20 per year for all students.

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In a promotional video for the announcement, Becky Huxley-Binns (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education at the uni) and Isobel Hall (President of Education at HUU) announced they have listened to student feedback and worked together to find a solution to the problem many students face.

HUU noted the previous allowance of £3.50 for one's entire degree fell far behind what other universities currently offer.

In a statement on the Hull University Union website, Education President Isobel Hall noted, "When I ran in the March 2018 elections, ending/reducing printing poverty was at the core of my manifesto" going onto explain that the University had been "extremely welcoming of the proposal and feedback and we quickly agreed upon everything put forward"

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The process of the campaign had begun with a petition which gained over 1100 signatures in 12 days, which was then taken to the University to demonstrate student support for the proposal.

Hall explained that the move "is a huge step forward in eliminating financial issues that students may face. It is my sincere hope that this may go some way to helping students get free access to the learning resources they need, to make their time at the University of Hull the best it can be."