Hull community pulls together as search for Libby continues

Gardeners arms has been offering free hot drinks to police helping with the search

Since Hull University student Libby Squire went missing 4 days ago, the whole student area has pulled together to support each other and the search.

The Tab Hull felt these are the stories worth reporting in a dark hour, as opposed to the intrusive and at sometimes sickening speculation being peddled by other tabloids.

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Piper safety measures

As the Tab Hull reported, Piper is currently trying to ensure student safety by offering the ability for students to charge their phones and to book students' taxis.

In a statement to the Tab Hull, Piper's safety measures have now become a permanent fixture of every night; the club is improving its phone charging facilities and the free water Piper offers is now actively being handed out as people leave.

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Student search party

2 days after Libby's disappearance, her friends invited university students to meet at the University to take party in a search party. Little could they have anticipated such a large turnout.

Around 200 students turned up to volunteer their time and searched the University grounds and playing fields.

One student said “I’m here because i want to help. I didn’t know Libby but I want to try and find her".

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Students waiting in Canham Turner before heading out

Libby's friend Ryan Tweddell thanked everyone who turned up to help

Hello, just an update on the libby squire search that took place today: thank you so much to everyone who came out and…

Posted by Ryan Tweddell on Saturday, February 2, 2019

University support

Following the search party, the University offered the Canham Turner building as a safe-space to students should they want to be in an environment and discuss their feelings or just get together with other concerned pupils.

Gardeners Arms support for police

Yesterday the popular Gardeners Arms pub posted on facebook offering free hot drinks to those members of the police force helping to find libby—something that was warmly welcomed due to the, at times, harsh weather conditions at play during the search.

We are truly blow away by the community spirit we’ve witnessed these past few days in the search for Libby. Free Hot…

Posted by Gardeners Arms Hull on Monday, February 4, 2019

One commenter on the post noted that the Newland Avenues Tescos branch had also donated biscuits to offer at the police.

St. John Church on Newland Avenue have also offered support and hot drinks to those helping with the search

Today the police issued a statement, saying "Hundreds of students, University of Hull staff as well as members of the public have been helping our officers since she was reported as missing.

We have received hundreds of calls from members of the public offering information and their assistance, and we are extremely grateful for everyone’s help so far."

Again, if you have any information about Libby's disappearance, please call 101, quoting log 29.