Hull have been illegally charging students more for paying their fees with a debit card

But it’s okay, it’s a ‘genuine mistake’

Turns out, we have more to worry about than uni bleeding us dry through printing charges. Hull Uni has been offering a discount to students who didn't pay their study fees using a bank card.

Credit and debit card surcharges were banned in January 2018, meaning customers can't be charged more just because they are paying by card.

Yet Hull were offering a two per cent discount for all students who paid fees without a card.

Sure, it might not sound like all that much, but when you're scraping together pennies for your Pot Noodle from the campus shop…yeah, it does.

In fact, you were paying the uni £170 more for a year's tuition if you used your credit or debit card.

The uni have apologised, and said they've refunded the students.

A spokesperson for the University of Hull said: "The University of Hull would like to apologise for this error. This is a genuine mistake and one which has immediately been rectified.

“At this time we believe the number of affected students to be 26, but we will continue to check all university records. All students affected by this error are being contacted and given a reimbursement of the two per cent.

"In addition, the University is also checking all its payment policies to ensure they comply with the changed legislation, with immediate effect.”

Seems like the university missed the memo, though, and it hasn't just been them, either.

Retailers, letting agents and other businesses have also been breaking the rules all year long. But, y'know, it seems a bit easier to swallow a "simple mistake" from your local takeaway than a university.