Confirmed: Hull University to suspend recruitment to 2019 Languages courses

200 UK academics claim the move damages the reputation and standing of the university

Following yesterday’s Hull Tab exclusive that some Philosophy courses will continue recruitment for 2019 whilst others are to be suspended, we can reveal the University of Hull has confirmed the controversial decision to suspend recruitment to all 2019 Modern Languages programmes (excluding Chinese Studies).

The university claim the decision has been based on the decline in the number of students studying modern languages, however the University Council for Modern Languages has condemned the move.

In a letter – signed by almost 200 language professors from across the country – the council expressed their “grave concerns” about what were then only proposals (which the Hull Daily Mail described as "rumours"), which they claimed would be a “retrograde move that damages not only the reputation and standing of the University of Hull but is indicative of a broader devaluing of modern languages in the UK at the current time.”

They also clam that “withdrawal of support for Languages at Hull sends a negative signal about the University of Hull’s commitment to the professional development of its students”.

The letter – which was picked up by the BBC – was co-signed by hundreds of academics including senior lecturers at Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and King's College London.

The University of Hull have reiterated their reassurances current students will not be affected by the decision and asked that “colleagues in this area… engage meaningfully in the consultation and to help shape future options for a sustainable Modern Languages provision”.

The Tab Hull has reached out to Language Department staff for comment.