Exclusive: Hull philosophy department saved… however some courses will end recruitment

‘It is important to note that current students will not be affected by these reviews’

Following The Hull Tab's exclusive last year that Hull University are considering closing the Philosophy department, The Hull Tab learns the university has “reconsidered and lifted the suspension of recruitment for BA Philosophy for next year”, however some unviable courses will not be taking on new students.

In a statement to The Hull Tab, the university say they will continue to recruit to philosophy programmes that are attracting a viable number of students, however those which do not will be suspended (noting that nationally, "Philosophy recruitment is holding steady").

The move by the university to reopen applications for some philosophy courses followed a letter by the British Philosophy Association condemning the move, which was signed by heads or representatives of 39 philosophy departments across the UK.

In an email to fellow philosophy lecturers across the country, Kathleen Lennon—an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the uniiversity—noted that whilst the university's semi U-turn is an encouraging move, the future remains uncertain whilst the University continues to contact its large-scale course reviews.

She went on to thank the “large number of colleagues who emailed in support of the philosophy unit” and that philosophy lecturers and staff at the University of Hull had “felt supported and encouraged by the scale and warmth of it."

The university have encouraged the Philosophy department to "to engage meaningfully in reshaping their provision such that it is focused and attractive to students", reiterating that "it is important to note that current students will not be affected by these reviews".