Hull Daily Mail ruin Christmas by telling kids Santa doesn’t exist

‘To be fair, if kids reading it are living in Hull they’re probably used to disappointment anyway’

The Hull Daily Mail—with its circulation of over 20,000—has today taken the bold decision to ruin Christmas for the children of Hull… by publishing the following front page.

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A decision made all the more laughable given the advert below encouraging children to "come and see Santa", immediately after discovering their beloved festive benefactor is, in fact, fake.

The front page was posted to the popular social media site Reddit, by user ashleyb0203, with the title "Merry Christmas kids… local paper in Hull, UK destroys Christmas for unsuspecting kids."

The post has currently received over 9,000 "upvotes" (likes) on the "Mildly Infuriating" page.

Reddit users proceeded to have a field day joking about Hull:

"To be fair, if kids reading it are living in Hull they’re probably used to disappointment anyway." – randomgeekydad

"You're presuming kids from Hull can read." – Revzer

"The only way kids from Hull are seeing this headline is when it’s wrapped around their daily Fish and Chips and even then they’ll not be able to read it" – RedbeardRagnar

"At least they will have chip spice, the greatest product of Hull." – AxonBasilisk

"That's a Hull of a lot of disappointed kids" – [Not advertising their username due to the shoddy quality of the pun]

One Reddit user suggested this is the "perfect time to teach kids that not everything they read in news articles/internet is accurate, if you ask me. Not sure what age they teach reliability of information sources in school anymore, but this could be a good learning opportunity."

Another user (who I imagine is just the absolute height of fun at parties) said: "You know what, no. That's not mildly infuriating. That's the point. There's nothing infuriating that the narrative that only the good get presents is being spoiled because it ignores the reality of poverty. Good for the Hull. If people want to get angry about that, make the story false and push for social reforms that allow for people to have a basic human experience." *looks to camera like I'm in the Office*

RelapsedRedditAddict gave some sound advice I'm sure the Department for Education would be keen to implement: "Don’t teach your children how to read. That way they get all their information from you, which makes it easier to lie to them."

Reddit users suggested additional features the paper could publish, including:

"Turn to page 7 to find out YOU WERE ADOPTED"

"A two-page spread on the fact your father and I are getting a divorce"

and "page 25 is just me telling you i'm taking the kids, George."

The Tab Hull contacted the Hull Daily Mail, who have said they will not be commenting at this time.