Breaking: Piper to stay open, but close one hour earlier

Piper will appeal the decision – their message is “business as usual”

After a number of hour's discussion, Hull Councillors have decided not to close the popular student night club, but after a number of noise complaints resolved that the club should close one hour earlier.

In addition to the club now having to close at 2am instead of 3am from Monday to Saturday, the club will also have to:

• Stop serving alcohol after 1.30am (Monday through to Saturday)

• No club-goers to be admitted after 12.30am (Monday through to Saturday)

• Club bouncers will be increased to 4 per night and have to wear body cameras

• No drinks will be allowed in the smoking area

• Pipers policies on crowd-management and staff training will have to be reviewed at least every 12 months

The Humberside Police's solicitor said the move was the result of "significant breaches" of their license—specifically noise complaints which local residents had made.

CCTV footage provided to councillors showed door staff admitting entrance to the club after the venue's agreed 1.30am cut-off point, in addition to bouncers not asking for ID as proof of age.

The queue outside Piper during Freshers' Week 2018

At 10:30, the Humberside Police declared they no longer desired to revoke Piper's license all-together, however did ask councillors to temporarily suspend the club's license (to allow for retraining of staff) and reduce opening hours (as was the eventual conclusion).

In addition to noise complaints, police informed councillors that there had been 32 separate police call-outs to the club between July 2017 and October this year. Residents giving evidence said they were "at their wits' end" over the late-night noise and it was "astonishing" the club had been allowed to increase its capacity from 480 to 700 last year.


Speaking to the Tab Hull, Piper Operations Manager, Tom, asked for the Tab Hull to clarify that the changes to opening hours "will not be implemented long into 2019" and that until that point "It's business as usual", with the university remaining open until 3am Monday & Saturday.

Tom further explained that Piper plans on appealing the Council's decision, with nothing changing for the next 21 days, after which point the club will lodge a complaint and wait for an appeal date.