HUU launches poll asking students how to spend lecturer strike wages

One student lobbies for all the money to go towards a regional donkey sanctuary…

Hull University Union have launched a consultation asking students how they would prefer the money saved during last year’s lecturer strike be spent.

During the strike, HUU withheld the wages from all lecturers participating in the walkout, promising to ring-fence the money saved and use the sum for the benefit of students.

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A lecturer participating during the strike

The Union have now launched a consultation with university students, asking how they would like the money to be spent. They have failed, however, to ensure only Hull students can complete the form, leading to non-students submitting suggestions.

Whilst the Union provides suggestions of what the money should be spent on, they also allow students to submit their own suggestions of how the money could be spent…

HUU clearly did not see the benefits in donating thousands of pounds to our in-need equine friends, instead suggested the following areas in which the money could be invested:

1. ‘Student Central Redevelopment’: Helping to ensure ‘essential’ things are included in the students’ union building

2. ‘Projects and topics’: Projects looking at how students can make change at university and how extracurricular societies and activities are supported

3. ‘Improving mental health services’: helping expand the current provision of services and improve those already provided.

When asked for a comment, one of the strike picket officials explained any official UCU (the union behind the strikes) position would have to be coordinated through the official branch; however speaking in an personal capacity described HUU’s consultation as “a perfectly reasonable position” and during the course of the industrial action the conversations had with the University’s management did not indicate “that they viewed the matter otherwise.”

The Tab Hull reached out to HUU to find out both how much money the University had saved from unpaid wages and when the consultation will close, however despite being contacted on three seperate occaisions they failed to respond.

The consultation can complete the form here.

And here's a bonus striking good boy for getting to the end of the article:

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