Jacob Rees-Mogg calls Hull students ‘eccentric’

He has the ‘softest hands in the world’

In a visit to the University of Hull last Thursday, the high profile Conservative M.P. accused those who believe Yorkshire to be better than Somerset as "somewhat eccentric".

The comment came as Rees-Mogg countered the "little Englander" jibe levelled at Brexit supporters; explaining he thinks of himself primarily as ‘British’ over ‘English’, but specifically that his loyalty is to North East Somerset—his parliamentary seat: "I hear some people here believe that Yorkshire is even better than Somerset which I believe is a rather eccentric position", raising laughter from the audience.

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The speech was appropriately overseen by a portrait of the Queen, who opened the Allam Medical building last year

The 100+ audience comprising of predominantly non-Conservative-supporting students later expressed mass support with a big round of applause when the M.P. spoke out against the silencing of free speech at universities in recent years.

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Queue: The event was the most popular in the Politics Society's history, with over 150 attendees

Recently at the University of West England, Rees-Mogg was involved in a fracas between Bristol ‘anti-fascists’ and his audience supporters. He further told students that one university’s politics society was charged £600 for the event’s security which he believes was "a disgrace". He informed Hull students that since the string of incidents he has resolutely undertaken more events at universities across the country prompting mass applause.

Speaking to Rees-Mogg’s private security guard after the event, he informed the Tab Hull there had been no protest attempts during the speech and that the aforementioned incident at UWE had occurred on a rare occasion that he had not accompanied the M.P.—something he said he very much regrets.

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The M.P. took questions for over an hour and a half

After the 2 hour event, Rees-Mogg stayed to take photos with the many students who wanted to, with one student leaving and commenting that he has the “softest hands in the world”—an explosive Tab Hull exclusive. Another student—a self-professed campaigner for a second EU referendum—said that she had found much of what Rees-Mogg said to have been “very compelling”.

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The Tab Hull further discovered that Rees-Mogg took to using his Hull visit as an anecdote at Conservative Party Conference. During a fringe event in Birmingham, he recounted how he had asked the audience in Hull how many of us would like to own their own home before the age of 35, to which every student raised their hand. The anecdote was told during a debate on Conservative Party Policy.

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Mr Rees-Mogg leaving campus, accompanied by Professor Matt Beech

The visit by Jacob Rees-Mogg precedes an event this Wednesday when remain M.P.s Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna visit the university, on their tour of the country campaigning for a second referendum. Tickets and further information about the upcoming event can be found here.