Exclusive: Hull Riding Club throw chav social with their ‘best chavverzzzz outfits’

The club dressed up in Adidas, snapbacks, and big hoop earrings

A chav social thrown by Hull University Riding Club has been branded "an insult to working class students", after members were encouraged to wear their "best chavverzzzz outfits" and "BIG hoop earrings".

On Wednesday the Riding Club threw their second social of the year after a UV-themed event the week before. The "CHAV SOCIAL" event was linked to the Riding Club's Facebook group

In the event, the chav theme was described as: "The theme goes without saying but think BIG hoop earrings. We will let you know where we decide to social as soon as we have decided. Can't wait to see all of ur amazing faces again."

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Pictures and part of the event description from the Leeds womens' hockey chav social were used to give members an example of how to dress. The pictures were apparently found on Google.

The Leeds chav social, in February, encouraged members to dress as "lower-class people". It led to the team being banned from competitions and the captain being removed from her post.

The section of the description from the Leeds event posted reads: "If one looks up the definition of 'Chav' in ones dictionary, the following statement appears, 'a young lower-class person typified by brash and loutish behaviour.' We educated fair maidens, studying in one of the countries grandest universities, would find such behaviour entirely alien."

A comment below the post features a picture from last year's event.

In April, Hull was ranked the best university in the country for class equality, according to research by HEPI.

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Pictures from the night show the group at the Old Grey Mare, where the Riding Club had an area reserved. At least 14 showed up at just after seven, wearing Adidas clothes, snapback hats, and hoop earrings.

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After a few hours of drinking games and karaoke the group left at half 10. Songs included Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" and ABBA's "Dancing Queen", and the display was "to the irritation of almost everyone in the club", according to one witness.

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After the social, members of the team posted about it on social media, calling it "an excuse to go out in joggers".

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The social comes months after Hull was rated as the best uni in the country for class equality, and has been condemned by the co-chairs of the Hull University Labour Club. Jessica Raspin and Mark Porschke told The Hull Tab: "People may think that’s it’s funny, and just a joke but it’s an insult to working class students who’ve fought against all the odds to get to uni"

The Riding Club did not comment on the social, apart from one member of the exec who threatened to take The Tab to court. However, Hull University Union provided the following comment to The Hull Tab: "Hull University Union is committed to providing safe, accessible and inclusive events and activities for all.

"Allegations of misconduct will be investigated by Hull University Union through our processes."

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