Here are the cringiest posts from Hull Freshers’ pages

‘Can you add me to the group chat???’

Ah, Freshers' pages – where 90 per cent of posts are just club reps trying to rip young, naive teenagers off and people asking to be added to group chats (which—let’s face it—will be immediately muted after you get 100 notifications in an hour from people asking who’s on their floor).

But amongst this crap is some absolute gold and that is what we have assembled for you now:

BNOC before she even arrives

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What I would give to see what goes down in that group chat…

A tweet of this screenshot went viral with 12k likes – we can only imagine the uni’s marketing team was delighted.

Then—in an amazing development—the union replied, distancing themselves from the unofficial Facebook group.

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Ah Hull, never change.

Lots are already planning their social calendars

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Can’t wait to go to uni and *checks hand* go on a tour of local churches lads lads lads

Some are not what you'd call ‘fresh’

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Who would’ve thought freshers' pages would be the perfect place for your parents to hook up?

But then again, some are 100 per cent children

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Yes, you are too old. Grow up x

Some couldn't wait until WelcomeFest before pulling

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And some could really improve their socialising skills

Don’t think just because you put a laughing emoji we can’t sense your desperation x

The level of genius is quite something to behold

Wow, a group chat of 15,000 people – what an amazing idea…

The Fiat 500 crew have arrived…

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Future alcoholic, right here

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Some people didn’t sort their accommodation out in time…

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No because that’s fucking mental

Some are so wise they probably don’t need degrees

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It’s a group specifically for people starting at Hull in September? What exactly are you trying to achieve here??

And some REALLY do…

If you’re going to break the law hun, my advice is not to broadcast it on social media. But hey, at least there’s a group chat you can join if you are caught.

Right, now this article's done I can finally leave these god-awful facebook groups…