Third year Hull Politics exam interrupted for 45 minutes due to fire alarm

People waited and chatted outside before heading back in

Third year Politics students were asked to leave the exam hall in the sports centre on Tuesday after an unplanned fire alarm disruption.

After 30 minutes into their exam, students forced to leave and were left outside the exam hall for 45 minutes with no idea what was going on, before being told to re-enter and finish their exam.

However, many students were left wondering what this meant for their final grade, as they were given 45 minutes to chat to other students sitting the same exam after seeing the exam questions. Some even took their mobile phones out with them.

One politics student told The Tab: “I’m really annoyed as delayed graduation and a resit in August is apparently an option”.

Both the Faculty of Business, Law and Politics and the Faculty of Science and engineering were affected.

Students who were sitting the exam were sent an email two days later from the University. It read: “This was an unplanned incident caused by the fire alarm system. Whilst we normally seek to avoid disruption to exams you will appreciate that safety of students and staff is paramount and there was therefore no option but to evacuate the building.”

The University of Hull has confirmed that exam scripts will be marked and reviewed for any anomalies in performance against normal marks. The examination board and external examiners will be involved in the marking. However, those wishing to resit the exam may do so.

The university have said: “All students will be given the opportunity to resit the exam as a first attempt (without penalty) in August, if you feel you were significantly disadvantaged by the disruption to the exam.”

This means those wishing to resit the exam will not graduate in July, and will postpone their graduation until next January.