Brassick ceases to exist once more

Bye bye (again)

Hull’s loved and adored Bertie Brassick, after being resurrected for one last tragic attempt, has finally been laid to rest. Saturdays in Asylum as we know them are no longer.

To the freshers, Bertie Brassick will bare no significance to their university life, but to those who experienced the heyday of Brassick, all we can say is we will miss your £1.75 drinks, short queues and free entry.

Asylum started the year with a brand new vision for Saturday nights with their newly titled night, ‘Mix’ which went down a treat in the first few weeks; playing different music in Johnny Mac and main room all alongside cheap drinks. What more can a student ask for? But after all the freshers spread their wings and explored the possibilities Hull holds for a Saturday night, the inevitable happened and Mix was as dead as Bertie.

Miss u x

It’s fair to say Brassick did not take off after the Christmas break, and Asylum didn’t even become an option for where to go on Saturdays.

The SU have not abandoned Asylum Saturdays however, and have reassured that it is moving onto bigger and better things. A spokesperson for the SU said: “We can confirm are changing our Saturday nights to be more in keeping with the needs of the students of today.

“We are moving away from a regular club night so we can offer our students and the wider public more live music from big name acts after the success of our sell-out Blossoms event in December, host big one off events working with societies and clubs and hold even more diverse events in response to recent student feedback such as cinema and games nights.

“Students continue to be offered a weekly club night event on campus in Asylum at our established Wednesday ‘Tower’ event.”

The Student officer blog goes on to tell us: “Asylum fans need not fear as we are working on a monthly club night to take place on a Friday or Saturday night, which will offer a combination of live music and DJ sets.

“We are looking to open Asylum up for even more opportunities including student performances/shows and practice areas as well as it continuing to be used as an additional social space throughout the day”

Asylum Saturdays may not be as we remember, and while good-old Bertie may not be making a return anytime soon, we hope these new changes will be a great addition to our Saturday nights.