Every reason why Hull deserves to be the City of Culture

Have you seen the Deep??

Ever since being rewarded City of Culture 2017, Hull’s put up with a lot of stick. Critics have said we aren’t deserving, people have called it a farce. But here at Hull, we know that actually, there is a lot of culture in Hull making it a worthy winner of the UK’s culture crown.

Here’s a few reasons why we are deserving of City of Culture 2017.

What’s not cultural about slow, barely working wifi?

Thanks KC.

You either love it or you hate it, but most people hate KC Wi-Fi. If you come from the outback of Lincolnshire or live in the Highlands you might get a liking for KC internet. If, however, you come to Hull from a normal and fully functioning town or city, ready to start your BT, Sky or Virgin Broadband experience then you’ll be disappointed by what awaits you. But it’s all a cultural learning curve. While you wait five months for your laptop to connect you could be reading that Charlotte Bronte novel you always wanted to start, but never found time for. Bonus.

That eyesore currently right bang in the middle of the city.

Oh it’s a wind turbine blade?

I don’t think anyone really understands the significance of Siemans putting a wind turbine in the middle of the city centre, but heck it’s all part of the culture. Students graduating last January got a taste of culture in their graduation photographs when this big eyesore stole the spot light, but obviously enhanced the quality of the pictures because of it’s culture. Now those group of students will never forget they were part of Hull City of Culture 2017 – but who could ever forget that!

The Deep


Because spending 30+ mins watching penguins sleep is intellectually stimulating. The Deep is billed as the world’s only submarium and has seven species of shark! V cultural.

What’s not cultural about downing two Jagerbombs in Welly whilst grinding on the closest person

Okay, so it may not be Jagerbombs but you definitely have a drink in your hand whilst committing this hideous cultural crime. After all, isn’t Hull’s culture according The Daily Mail just drunken carnage anyway?


We have an exclusive art collection on loan from the British Library

Have we mentioned that you can see original Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo drawings, in Hull, for free? Why travel all the way down to London and pay excessive amounts on train fair when you can see these masterpieces in the North?

William Wilberforce, that legend who abolished slavery, is from Hull

Also that really famous poet, Phillip Larkin

He wrote some pretty cool poetry about Hull.

The Bee Lady is a massive credit to Hull’s fundraising scene

Jean Bishop dresses like a bumble bee and fundraisers for Age UK. She has a telephone box painted in bumble bee stripes in her honour. She has appeared on the Pride of Britain Awards in 2013 and has raised over £100,000 for Age UK.

Radio One’s big weekend is being held in Hull this year

Which means it must be cool.

Tell me again why Hull shouldn’t be City of Culture.