Hull in the Top 5 most burgled university cities

There were 610 burglaries near the uni between January and November 2016

Researchers looked at 25 non-London universities and found that, with 610 burglaries within a one-mile radius, Hull has the 5th highest number of burglaries between January and November 2016.

The University of Manchester had the highest number of burglaries, with a frightening 822 burglaries within a one-mile radius, followed by The University of Leeds with 799 and Sheffield with 700.

Durham seems to be the safest university city with just 96 burglaries in the one-mile radius.


Also according to a survey conducted by, which received 2000 responses:

  • 64% of students admitted to leaving valuable possessions such electronic items and wallets out in plain sight.
  • 59%  of students don’t check if their windows are shut before leaving the house.
  • 48% said that they don’t lock the main door before everyone went to sleep.

Victor Baron, Managing Director of the company, said “As research like this shows, it can become easy for students to become complacent and make their house a target for opportunist intruders. We therefore urge students amongst the fun and enjoyment of living with housemates, to safeguard their property and own personal wellbeing by consistently remaining cautious”