Minister for Digital and Cultural visits Hull Uni for City of Culture

‘The University is an anchor of Hull’s development’

The Minister of State for Digital and Culture was given a guided tour of the stunning British Museums ‘Lines of Thought – Drawing from Michelangelo to Now’ exhibition on show in the Brynmor Jones Library as part of his visit to the city yesterday.

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP was accompanied around the exhibition by acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Glenn Burgess and John Bernasconi, Director of Fine Art at the University, as well as student volunteers.

He visited Hull to see how we’re kicking off our City of Culture celebrations. Hancock also visited the Ferens Gallery, which reopens this week to the public.

Isabel Seligman, Curator, sanding next to Remembrant’s famous Asian Elephant.

‘Lines of Thought’ is a British Museum Partnership Tour, and the free exhibition features works from some of the world’s greatest artists, from Dürer to Degas, Michelangelo to Matisse and Rembrandt to Riley.

The Minister of State for Digital and Culture said: “The exhibition is exceptional and also thought-provoking in the amount of historically significant and unfinished drawings that underpin lots of different types of art forms – from architecture to sculpture to classical oil paintings.

“I’m delighted that the University is playing such a central role in City of Culture because the legacy of the City of Culture project is so important and the University is an anchor of Hull’s development.”

Impressively, the ‘Lines of Thought’ collection is attracting more people per day than the normal university collection attracts in a week so, although entry is free, booking is required. Tickets are available here.

University of Hull