World famous artwork to be displayed at Hull University

The art will be displayed in the Brynmor Jones Library

Hull University’s official website has announced that the world’s greatest artists are coming to Hull.

Their work, on loan from the British Museum, is to be displayed in the Brynmor Jones Library on Cottingham Road.

Work began behind the scenes last week as they prepared to install the artwork.

All time greatest artists from Durer, Michelangelo, Matisse, Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt will be on display within the library.


The installation comes as part of the visual arts program that is taking place as part of the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 opening events.

Admission is free and will be available from the 3 January and 28 February exclusively at the Brynmor Jones Library.

To give insight into the works and into the mind of the artists, it has been agreed that the 70 works of art spanning 500 years, will be arranged into types of thinking rather than period or style.

The work will be explore creative impulses through the medium of drawing with work being selected from the 15th and 16th centuries to modern day artists.

Gerogia Mallin, Dorset Foundation head of National Programmes at the British Museum, said: “The exhibition, Lines of Thought, has been described as arguably the best selection of masterpieces from the Prints and Drawing collection”.

The British Library, London

The art exhibit is to be one of many outstanding events to happen throughout the year in Hull. The university is set to host many of the events that are part of the City of Culture 2017 which will make it easier for students of the university to take part in what is set to be an outstanding year of culture.

History of Art students at Hull are also being trained by the British Museum to give tours around the installation.

Third year History student, Katie Bannister, is training to take part. She told The Tab Hull: “I think it’s a really exciting opportunity for young people and a great experience to see art work that might not be seen again for another 10 years.

“Because of light exposure some of the pieces can only be seen once every 10 years so they come out to do a few exhibitions and get put away again.”

This will be a fantastic way to kick start the new year and will give the public a taste of more exciting events to come within 2017.

University of Hull