Hull University ‘Yes to NUS’ sign graffitied within hours of being put up

It was removed after 15 minutes

It’s only been a few days since the Union announced the Hull would be holding a referendum on our affiliation with the NUS.

But already we’re seeing the campaign kickoff with some controversy.

A large wooden board was erected to the front of the Student Union this morning with the message “YES TO NUS” sprayed on to it.

Within hours, a letter “A” had been sprayed onto the board resulting in a crude (if not pretty funny) message being displayed outside the Hull University Student Union instead.

The board was removed within 15 minutes after the Campus security noticed the prank, but not before plenty of people had managed to YikYak photos of the modified placard.  Ironically Yik Yak is something the NUS want to ban.

Crude edit to campaign sign amuses students

The “Hull Says No to NUS” group were keen to distance themselves from the sign. .

They said: “We as a campaign would like to make it perfectly clear that we do not condone these actions as they amount to petty vandalism and make for a rather unimpressive discourse surrounding the issue at hand.”

We can all look forward to weeks more of these antics for sure. The polls open on the 19th of May and the Hull University student body will get their say on our affiliation with the National Union of Students.