We asked our resident Jon Snow: ‘What do you know?’

‘I just put the cloak on and I am Jon Snow’

How many times have you spotted a mysterious cloaked individual on campus, or even in Asylum, and wondered “who is that intriguing gentleman”?

Electrical and Electronic Engineering first year, Nathan Biggs, is originally from Doncaster – but you probably think he’s from Westeros.

The fresher has been dressing up as Game of Thrones legend Jon Snow since October, after someone on the swim team gave him the nick-name.

He said: “I’ve been known as Jon Snow since about October when I joined the swim team.

“Someone pointed it out at first, and then it just became more of a thing.

“Jon Snow is every day. I just put the cloak on and I am Jon Snow.”

"The girls go crazy for a sharp-dressed man"


Jon Snow knows that the Tab is the hub of all the best campus-based gossip and news!

He added: “Jon Snow is just awesome as he is, mainly because he’s excluded from stuff at first.

“Then obviously he goes to war, and he’s so much better than everyone else at fighting, because he’s had training.

“If you wait until the next book, he might become the ruler of Westeros.”

Committed Nathan even splashed out on his outfit, rather than whipping up a cloak at home.

Come rain, wind or snakebite, this Northerner is always prepared to fight the elements

Come rain, wind or snakebite, this Northerner is always prepared to fight the elements

“I have no sewing skills, it would’ve been awful. I probably would’ve sewn bits onto myself and I’d be in a right state, so I bought it from Amazon.

“I had a sword but it’s now broken in many places, but it was just for social.”

The self-proclaimed lone ranger admits to not bagging himself an Ygritte or a wolf, but there are similarities between Hull and north of the wall.

He told The Tab: “Some of the locals are a bit like wildlings, they’re really rowdy.

“But when I go to Asylum everyone loves Jon Snow.”

Jon Snow 4

But tight-lipped Nathan wouldn’t spill the beans on what he knows: “He must know something or else he’d be dead already. We just have to find out what it is.”

At least he knows something about Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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