The most ridiculous things that would happen at a ‘Glasgow Uni Fashion Week’

We’d be going viral for all the wrong reasons

It’s that time of year again when celebrities travel around the globe with 19 suitcases per trip, showing up to events only to film the entire thing on their phone for social media. You guessed it – it’s fashion week season! Don’t get me wrong – I love the innovation and the beautiful pieces that are often unveiled but attempting to catch some of the highlights on TikTok this year has been…interesting. Brands are doing crazy things during shows trying to get eyes on them rather than competitors which has turned into a teensy bit of a farce when everyone has had the same idea.

The gimmicks include the Bella Hadid spray-on dress (pretty cool), the show where every model intentionally fell (maybe overkill), and the ‘mud show’ that Balenciaga pulled out of God knows where (just Google it). I feel as though we’ve really seen it all this FW season. The usually quite fun little quirks you would rarely see have turned somewhat sour with brands desperately trying to outdo one another to be the next 5-second internet sensation. This got me thinking about where and what in Glasgow would make the most viral shows.

This is my non-exhaustive list of places and ideas that brands would use in shows if there was a ‘Glasgow Uni Fashion Week’:

1. Models trying to catwalk up the library hill (or alternatively catwalk-ing anywhere on Strathclyde campus)

2. Models walk around the library trying to find a seat

3. Models walking down Byres Road after a night out (they must stop for a takeaway)

4. Models struggling on the cobblestones on Ashton Lane in heels (though maybe we see enough of this on a Saturday night)

5. Kendal Jenner getting sprayed with different coloured Pints of Fun (see Alexander McQueen’s robots doing that to the white dress for reference)

6. Models queuing outside the Wellington Church for a lecture (Longest. Show. Ever.)

7. Models trying not to fall over on a packed subway

And last but not least…

8. Models trying to get from the Boyd Orr to the St. Andrews building in under ten mins


Any other stupid places to host a fashion show in and around Glasgow Uni? Shall we actually try to pull off a fashion show at one of these locations? Let us know on Instagram at @thetab_glasgow

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