We share more of our favourite Glasgow Uni graduation pics

Here’s to the Class of 2022!


We loved sharing photos from graduation last week. As graduation ceremonies still continued this week too, we’re now sharing the rest of the photos – see how many people you can recognise!

Valeria Rincon, Politics and International Relations

Instagram: @valrinconrobles

“Just graduated from the best university FOR the world.”

Hanne Krogsaeter, Neuroscience

Instagram: @hannekrogsaeter

“I feel very excited about graduating, but I am also mildly terrified of life outside of uni. Education has always felt so secure, and now that I’ve graduated and am still applying to jobs and not secured anything yet, I have no idea what comes next which is quite scary but thrilling at the same time!”

Hassan Salah, Human Biology

Instagram: @xusni.salah

“It feels surreal and it’s a real sense of achievement.”

Olivia Hynd, Geography

Instagram: @oliviahyndx

“Although I’m sad to be leaving uni I’m excited to see what happens next.”

Sumet Dhami, Physiology, Sports Science and Nutrition

Instagram: @sumet_dhami

“Overwhelmed, excited, and inspired.”

Ailsa Russell, Veterinary Biosciences

Instagram: @ailsa_russell

“Years, lovers and pints of fun; these things must not be counted.”

Cam Mcgauchie, Law

Instagram: @cammcgaughie

“Had the best four years with the best group of people and had a great day celebrating with everyone.”

Jayny Saunders, Technological Education

Instagram: @jayny_saunders

“It’s such an amazing feeling to be graduating after four years of hard work and too many pints of fun! Couldn’t have done it without regular Sanc Wednesdays and library cookies.”

Samuel Horsch, Maths and Physics

Instagram: @samuelhorsch

“I am super happy and excited to find out what I will do next.”

Ruchita Sharma, Genetics

Instagram: @ruchita0403

“While sitting in Bute Hall all I could think of is, I can stop worrying about assignments now.”

Cesar Casteel Suriano, Pharmacology

Instagram: @cesarrsuriano

“It’s quite relieving knowing it’s finally properly done but at the same time excited to be continuing on at GU next semester.”

Emily Alexander, Medicine

Instagram: @emilyalexander_

“I’m excited to see what happens next and I’m looking forward to enjoying this summer with everyone before we all separate.”

Shona Mackie, Pharmacology

Instagram: @s_f_km

“I feel relieved that no one tripped during the ceremony, and grateful to my lecturers for granting my many extension requests.”

Hamzah, Accounting and Finance

Instagram: @hamzah14_

Ella Cooper, Maths

Instagram: @ella.cooper

Good luck to all the 2022 graduates with the future – we’re sure you’ll all be world changers!

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