We spoke to those involved in the Muay Thai Fight Night

“The energy in the room was incredible”


Have you heard of the Glasgow University Muay Thai Fight Night?

Yes, you read that right! Glasgow University Union Debates Chamber is home to a biannual Fight Night run by GUMT. It attracts hundreds of students from around the UK to cheer for their university as other students fight it out in the ring.

Muay Thai is the art of 8 limbs (fists, elbows, knees and shins), and is the national sport of Thailand. In Glasgow University, it is also one of the biggest sports clubs, with training available every day and accessible for complete beginners or competitive fighters.

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I spoke to Noëmie Colins, the Vice Captain and organiser of the recent Fight Night. I asked her what she loved most about Fight Night.

“I love the build up to Fight Night, seeing all the behind the scenes of the fighters training hard and being so passionate about the sport. Seeing the event sell out one week in advance this year was also a huge deal as it shows how much the audience anticipate and love the event.”

I asked her if she could sum up GUMT in three words.

“Thrilling, fun and sweaty!”

Finally, I asked her if she could five me any exclusive news about the next Fight Night.

“Our next fight night will take place (*drum roll*) on Friday 4th March 2022 at the GUU. Like and follow our social media pages to be sure not to miss ticket sales.”

Instagram: @annika.alica

I then spoke to the current captain, Isla McClung about the night. I asked her why people should try Muay Thai.

“Muay Thai is a full-body, stress-busting workout that will not only develop your physical strength, fitness, and flexibility, but also teach you valuable skills that you can take into your everyday life, such as resilience, determination, and perseverance.”

I asked her if she believed it to be important to encourage more women into martial arts.

“Of course! Since starting Muay Thai, I have never felt stronger, fitter, or more empowered. Martial arts are an incredible practice that everyone can benefit from. Check out our livestream we did last year during Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week with our all-female Exec, where we discuss our journey into Muay Thai and how it has been.”

Instagram: @annika.alica

I then spoke to some of the fighters about their experience of the night.

Luke, a first year studying Spanish and Psychology, was asked how his first fight in front of a crowd felt.

He said, “It felt phenomenal, the energy in the room was incredible and I felt super supported by everyone.”

Calum, a recent Psychology graduate, was asked how it felt to fight twice in one night.

He said, “The hardest part isn’t just waiting for a drink for twice as long, it’s also putting on an absolute belter of a show to match the energy the crowd created.”

Overall, it was an immensely enjoyable night – we look forward to their next big event in March!

To keep up to date with the society and to learn more about future events, follow @glasgowumt on Instagram and University of Glasgow Muay Thai on Facebook.

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