Glasgow students share their most bizarre flatmate stories

If you haven’t got a bizarre flatmate story then you are probably the bizarre flatmate

A lot of students at Glasgow University will live in a flat from first year to fourth year and pretty much everyone will have a story about a bizarre flatmate at some point. We asked students via our Instagram to share stories about their most bizarre flatmates, and we have picked our favourites.

The disgusting flatmates

“He cooks pasta and never cleans it, covers it up with another plate, and 1 month later it turns mouldy.”

“Never washed their bed sheets all year.”

“Kept an aubergine in the fridge, never touched it. It started growing feathers and white stuff.”

“They had sex in my bed.”

The Kleptomaniacs

“Stole all of our stuff and ‘finds it’ by giving it to us later then asking for favours in return.”

The ones that got kicked out

“Got kicked out by the accommodation and on the day he was kicked out we smelled smoke, and turns out he was burning paper in his toilet.”

The sleepwalkers

“My roommate used to sleepwalk and she would open all of the windows and doors and then clean the apartment in the middle of the night.”

It seems a university experience isn’t complete without memorable flatmates!