Students advised not to return to Glasgow until beginning of March

Students will be introduced back using a three phase system


Following an announcement from the Scottish Government, the University emailed students today about travelling back to term-time accommodation. Students have been advised not to return until the beginning of March, except for a small number of students who can travel from 15th February, if their course cannot be delivered remotely.

There are three phrases that have been introduced for returning students. Phase 1 is from the 5th January; where accommodation is open, but only for students that have remained at Glasgow over winter break and those who cannot attend University remotely, or those who have to be at term time address for student wellbeing reasons.  Phase 2 begins on the 15th February and is for students that have to return for in person teaching where their attendance is time sensitive to their course and cannot be delivered remotely. And the final phase, which will be implemented if it is safe for students to travel back, is when other students can return on a gradual basis to campus and accommodation.

Students living in University Residences will be able to access a rent rebate of their return to accommodation is delayed, which will be calculated from 4 January 2021 and refunded to their accommodation account after they have returned back to their accommodation.

The Scottish Government is due to publish more information on this next week, and will review this system at the beginning of February, and then will continuously review it, but have announced that it is unlikely that Phase 3 will begin before March.