What your choice of face mask says about you as a Glasgow Uni Student

Who needs a nose job when you have a pandemic?

Wearing a mask can be horrible.  They are uncomfortable and itchy, and cause problems such as  ‘maskne’ and heavily smudged make-up. Now that it is mandatory to wear a mask around campus, students have been getting inventive about their choice of accessory.

There are lots of different types of face masks to choose from, and here’s what your choice of mask says about you.

The Disposable Mask

You really said, “f*** climate change”. You’re optimistic and see Corona as only a short-term problem. You probably have commitment issues as you don’t want to invest in a reusable mask in the fear you get stuck with it for life. Either this or you’ve forgot your mask and had to get a free one from Central Station.

The Homemade Mask

Either your Mum made this or you are a crafty queen! You have been upcycling all of your unwanted and old clothes over lockdown – some of which have been made into your face mask. You definitely have houseplants and you love an early night.

The Solid Black Mask

Basic. The face mask has become an accessory that you hope makes you look edgy af with your street style. You spend way too much time on TikTok, probably drink white wine and drive a Fiat 500.

The Animal Mouth Mask


You have horse girl aesthetic.

The Glasgow Uni Mask

Glasgow Uni represent! You are super proud of your place at Glasgow Uni and you want everyone in Tesco’s to know you go there. You probably leave your camera on during lectures and you are the person to break the silence in breakout rooms. Every class needs someone like you.

The Mesh Mask 

You’re either Lana Del Rey or you don’t believe the hype. You definitely believe in the Corona conspiracies and remove your mask to use face recognition in shops. You’re still not attending lectures, even with them being on zoom and probably have a ‘live, laugh, love’ decoration somewhere in your house.

The Snood

You hate wearing face masks but at least you get to rock your old skiing snood whilst you pop to the shops! You’re probably rugby over football with major trust fund energy. Saturdays are for the lads!

What is your mask of choice when walking around campus?

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