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The maddest stories from the Glasgow Uni Ski Trip 2020

Here you can find out about all of the mad things that happened in Les Arcs


It was a pretty good week at Les Arcs and A LOT happened, from the Igloo party being a bit of a disaster, to the security at the accommodation being outrageous.

So without further a do, here are the craziest things that happened over the week:

A bunch of girls got stuck in La Plagne

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On the Wednesday, three girls had gone over to the other side of the mountain but had accidentally missed the last chairlift back to Les Arcs, which left them stranded. Luckily for them, they bumped into a generous British family and got taken into their chalet, and even got offered food and drink. However, they then had to pay a 100€ taxi to get back to their resort and even made it for the night out!

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Not too traumatic right?

The Igloo party was a bit of a disaster

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Savage or what

The Igloo party was one of the big ticketed events during the trip and cost £20 each. Starting at 6pm in the middle of a ski slope, people kept trying to sell their tickets. 100 people who had tickets didn't even show up, meaning that two buses were cancelled.

For those who attended the event, the bus dropped off people a 20 minute walk away from the igloo so they had to walk up the mountain for ages. And then it became obvious that there had been some miscommunication with the venue and a DJ had not been hired! People were literally standing around in the silence for ages until one of the NUCO reps plugged their phone in. Awks.

A group of boys got kicked out of their accommodation

Apparently, some boys staying in Belles-Challes accommodation pissed onto the balcony below theirs – but it turns out this balcony belonged to the OWNERS of the accommodation! So the boys got kicked out of their room and the trip, but apparently they managed to sneak into their friends room and stay for the duration of the trip. Clever boys.

The security were MAD

In some of the residences, the security were more than strict because apparently the university that had stayed there before Glasgow had trashed the resort and caused havoc. If pre-drinks after 10pm were too loud, one or more security guards would come round to your door and sometimes even kick you out.

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Translated to 'do that again and I will call the police'

A fourth year student left her passport behind on the last day when she went to Geneva airport

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Imagine getting to the checkout desk at the airport to find that you have left your passport back at your accommodation which is three hours away. Yeah.

That's what happened to one fourth year student who remembered that she had left her passport in her room, and had to MISS HER FLIGHT, re-book another one, and then wait at the airport for someone to bring her passport on a later transfer. A classic.

Everyone seemed to lose everything

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Anyone seen these kicking about?

Whilst everyone was enjoying their holiday, it seemed that most students lost nearly all their possessions. Everyone was posting to the GUSSC page asking if anyone had the matching one to theirs. No ideal, but luckily the ski hire place weren't bothered as long as the skis or poles were intact.

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Never. Again.

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Despite the drama, the trip was a resounding success. Cheers to the best seven days in the Alps and I don't think anyone ever wants to see a baguette again.