Charity Jailbreak and sponsored silences: GUCFS raise funds for Glasgow Women’s Aid

GUCFS place diversity at it’s centre

In its 6th year of operation, Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show is becoming an increasingly prominent and influential society across campus.

The societies charitable partner this year, Glasgow Women's Aid, works to support women and young people experiencing domestic abuse in and around Glasgow. GUCFS' theme for 2020, IN BLOOM, hopes to draw upon the work of the charity, by celebrating our inner strength and beauty as a way to reach out to a wider audience.


Building on the 2018 Diversity and Identity campaign from last year, GUCFS opened anonymous model nominations this year in order to encourage a wider variety of people to get involved. GUCFS has thrived in its unique outlook, and brings together the variety of genders, cultures, and individualities of the student body into one world. As the face of GUCFS, it is important that the models promote a representative image of the widely diverse student body.

GUCFS Creative Director, David Morley, wanted to make sure that the models of IN BLOOM "showcase the beauty and diversity of the student body".

GUCFS President, Beth O'Shea, reiterated "by opening model nominations for everyone to get involved with, we've really been able to lay the foundations of making castings a place where everyone feels comfortable and confident in their ability."

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Model Introduction Shoot: IN BLOOM 2020


With fundraising at the the heart of GUCFS, the society are constantly looking for new weird and wonderful ways to raise money for this years charitable partner, Glasgow Women's Aid. The diversity of the fundraisers has really taken off and has varied from the annual Jailbreak event to hair cuts and shellac nails; from sponsored 24-hour silences to climbing the library stairs….110 times….

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Jailbreak participants travelled as far as Cyprus

Two of the GUCFS Brand Ambassadors, Rachael Foreman and Chin Nam Soong may be the first to take on the challenge that stares us in the face everyday on the doors of the library lift. After a long 10 hours, they managed to climb the 10 floors of the library 110 times, which is equivalent to the Earth's highest mountain, Mount Everest.

'We decided to climb the library stairs because we wanted to take part in a unique fundraiser that would really challenge us, and this fit the bill perfectly because we'd never heard of anyone doing anything like this before!'- Chin and Rachael

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Chin and Rachael prepared to climb the 110 floors of the Library

The diversity that has been absorbed into the society is something that makes GUCFS really unique, and will hopefully inspire students to do something good (and fun!) for charity.

The Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show takes place in SWG3 on the 21st and 22nd February 2020.

To find out more about GUCFS' charitable partner, Glasgow Women's Aid, visit:

Photo Credit: Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show