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D*** F***** 2019 ticket queue the ‘maddest one yet’ and didn’t even sell out

Someone even brought a sofa

The annual Daft Friday Ball, commonly referred to as D*** F*****, released their much-coveted tickets today at 9:00 am in the Glasgow University Union.

As expected, there was going to be a rather long queue – WHICH STARTED AT MIDNIGHT.

People started queueing outside the Union at 12am in sub-zero temperatures. Students brought deck chairs, tents, sleeping bags and even a sofa along with them. Already, the queue was being labelled as 'mad' by most of the Glasgow students.

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The queue on Oakfield Avenue

By 2:00 am the queue had reached round to the Stevenson Gym and showed no signs of stopping. Students also came well and truly prepared with duvets, blankets and plenty of pillows to keep themselves warm during the wait.

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Happy campers on University Avenue

With some having waited over nine hours, doors finally opened at 9:00 am and individuals were allowed to buy one or two tickets and each one cost £40.

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The Dining Room where tickets were being sold

However, it was later announced by the Union at 12 noon that there were under 200 tickets left and the majority of the queue had died down by then. Numerous students who didn't camp outside only had to walk in and wait for around 20 minutes for the much-prized tickets, which is mental considering some people had waited nine hours earlier.

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Tickets didn't even sell out

Before long, ticket sales closed at 1pm and for the first time in years, the Union had not sold out their Daft Friday tickets in one day. The last remaining tickets will be up for grabs later this semester.

This year marks the 111th time the event has run and the secret theme is yet to be revealed. The Daft Friday Ball will take place on Friday 20th December in the Glasgow University Union.

Photo Credit: Glasgow University Union (G.U.U.)