Glasgow ‘providing guidance’ to get students back safely from Hong Kong

There are 19 Glasgow students on exchange in Hong Kong

The University of Glasgow is currently "providing guidance" to students on exchange in Hong Kong to get the home safely.

A spokesperson told The Glasgow Tab most of the 19 students who were on exchange "have made plans to return home and are "in the process of assisting those who are still in the process of doing so."

Yesterday, universities including Warwick, Southampton, UEA and Edinburgh announced they were pulling students out of Hong Kong. An email sent to Warwick students read: "Warwick is now strongly urging you to curtail your period of study or work placement abroad and to return to the UK, or wherever you are usually resident, as soon as you are able."

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Several universities have said they are not calling students back, but will keep in close contact with students in Hong Kong.

Universities not calling students back include Exeter and St Andrews. A spokesperson for St Andrews told The St Andrews Tab: "We are in contact with our students and staff in Hong Kong and will continue to monitor the situation."

The spokesperson for the University of Glasgow told The Glasgow Tab: "We are in close contact with the 19 University of Glasgow students who are in Hong Kong and have been providing guidance on how they can stay safe at all times.

"Most have now made plans to return home and we are assisting those who are still in the process of doing so. This includes financial help where required.

"All students have been advised of emergency contacts that they can use at any time."

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