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The ultimate guide to surviving the Daft Friday queue

Don’t forget to bring your tents

The Christmas season is almost upon us, which only means one thing here at Glasgow… the annual D*** F***** Ball is back again.

Last year, the GUU released their much-prized tickets at 9am, however hundreds of students started queueing just after midnight outside the Union, with some even bringing sleeping bags and tents.

If you are thinking of attending the ball this year and never queued for a ticket before, you might want to prepare yourself. Here is the one stop shop guide to everything to expect and how to survive the infamous D*** F***** queue on Saturday 16th November.

1. Get there early (very early)

If you think getting a ticket would be a quick walk in and out the Union, you're very much mistaken. Last year, students began queuing just after midnight in order to bag themselves a spot to the party. Don't be one of those people who arrives at 9am when doors open because, believe me, you won't get anywhere near them.

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The 'supposed' start of the D*** F***** queue last year…

2. Don't go alone in the queue

If you plan to queue, get together with a group of pals who all plan to get tickets – don't go by yourself. You will be spending many hours standing up or sitting down on the same spot on the pavement. Also, being with friends makes the whole experience a bit less painful and boring. And no one likes to be a loner anyway.

3. Wrap up people

It's November in Scotland. It's not summer anymore. Wear as many layers as possible as you will be outside doing nothing for hours. Bring hot water bottles, hand warmers…even your duvet and blankets. Otherwise you'll be moaning and then annoying everyone else around you.

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If it rains or snows I am suing…

4. Bring snacks and more snacks

Note to everyone – if you don't bring food you will have the worst queuing experience of your life. Also bring extra cash when the bakeries and local stores begin to open, so that you can reward yourself with a latte and pastry after waiting for three hours. Get one of your pals to go to Greggs and bring it back, otherwise you will lose your spot in the queue.

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5. Take along extra furniture (…you heard us)

Sitting on a damp pavement for four hours in sub zero temperatures might be fun for the first 10 minutes, but eventually you'll get fed up. If you have a tent, a deck chair, even spare pillows or a mattress…TAKE THEM. Everyone will be doing the same and, believe me, you'll thank us later. And do not forget to bring cash for God's sake.