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Glasgow Uni ski trip sells out in less than five minutes

Hundreds were left on the waiting list

The famous Glasgow Uni Ski trip has sold out in FIVE minutes this year, the fastest time ever.

The annual trip, this year going to Les Arc resort in France is as popular as always with Glasgow ski fanatics.

The Ski and Snowboard club is one of the biggest and most famous on campus, proven by how quickly tickets for the week-long trip were eagerly snapped up.

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The tickets, which would set you back a hefty £420, went live at 9:15 last Tuesday morning, leaving an over 200-man waiting list of disappointed ski fans.

However, in a spicy move by the ski club 100 more places were released at 1:30 in the afternoon.

People don't just go for the skiing, the trip is also famous for being an absolute riot, with people reporting they'd been drunk the whole week.

The week long bender will take place on the 3rd-11th of January 2020, which sounds like the perfect excuse to extend your festive drinking imo.

As someone who could barely make it down library hill sitting on a fast food tray, I can only dream of nabbing a spot on this coveted trip. Still though, there's always Hive.