Glasgow uni gives modern languages students trigger warnings for fairytales

Not all sunshine and rainbows, some classic fairtyales contain distressing scenes.

Trigger warnings for Glasgow students have been provided in advance of the class in which they will study fairytale classics, a freedom of information request has revealed.

The move has branded some to call students "snowflakes", but the lecturer in question has defended his decision.

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Warnings are given when the material to be studied includes "child abuse, incest or any other violent material".

These warnings are either posted on the Moodle before the class, or sometimes read out by the lecturer.

Trigger warnings have also been given to students studying theology where content includes "torture and brutal violence", and also to Law students studying sexual-related crimes.

Although Glasgow lecturers defend their decision to provide such warnings, Dr Stuart Waiton who teaches sociology at Abertay University says that normalising trigger warnings could "infantile" students. .

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The Brothers Grimm

The justification seems to be to alert students of some of the disturbing content that is coming, and to make them aware that the University and its staff do not endorse such behaviour.

It is also to make students aware that they are studying a time and culture that is very different from their own.

There is currently no university or country-wide policy on when such warnings are necessary or appropriate.