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Pint of Fun to cost £6.50 after new watermelon flavour introduced

They’ve put up the prices AGAIN, but at least there’s a new flavour

The Glasgow University Union revealed today that they will be increasing the prices of their most celebrated pint to £6.50 as of Freshers' Week 2019.

Not only this, but they have also introduced a new watermelon flavour Pint of Fun to add to their highly popular collection.

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This is the third time the GUU have put up the price since the famous Pint of Fun was introduced, originally costing only £4.95 before going up to £5.50 last September.

The reasoning behind this is partly because of the new watermelon flavour, meaning costs to the supplier have gone up. On top of this, the entry prices for Hive Thursday and Saturdays cost a staggering £4 for members and £6 for non-members, which is ridiculously pricey for the average poor student.

This grave news has come as a surprise for all of us, but all of this begs the question – will we continue to buy pints of fun despite the price? My answer: absolutely yes.

GUU were contacted for comment.