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Clubbers of the Week: Daft Friday edition

We were dancing in a swamp (quite literally)

The annual Daft Friday Ball, commonly referred to as D*** F*****, celebrated its 110th year in December 2018 and was a celebration like no other.

Everyone was dressed up in their finest, with their ticket giving them access to 12 hours of not only the secret theme but also the biggest act on campus all year, a ceilidh, an ABBA tribute band, a headphone disco, karaoke, laser tag and much more, culminating in a free breakfast for those strong enough to make it through until the end.

For those that missed out, here are some of the highlights from the magical night.

Stunners of the Night

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Girl gang goals

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Absolute stunners

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Best Couples

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Beaut x

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Couple Goals

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Your face smells amazing hun

WTFs of the Night

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Bit sleepy there?

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So smart, so fashun

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Inception or what

Best of the Rest

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Make sure the lighting is good guys

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Oh fwends

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Enjoy the honeymoon x

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And then I saw her face, now I'm a believer…