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Glasgow Uni gym pioneer new GUSA buddy system

Making exercise better with a buddy!

The Stevenson building is the hub for everything sporty at the University of Glasgow. Whether you are a keen sportsperson, you are getting back into exercise, or you have never been to the gym before, everything is made better with a buddy. The new GUSA buddy system which has been put in place by the 2018/19 GUSA council is a great way to get fit and active if you are scared, like many others, to face the uni gym alone.

The main aim of the GUSA gym buddy system is to reduce the anxiety and stress that comes along with going to the gym. For some people, the gym can be a very scary place, but the GUSA volunteer buddies are there to make exercise fun, easy and something you can enjoy doing. The GUSA buddies are paired up according to similar availability and interests, in the hope that students will have made a friend out of their gym buddy. This will also make the student more relaxed and comfortable when with their buddy.

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The GUSA buddies will be available to meet students before going into the gym and then accompany them in classes, the swimming pool, the weights room and introduce them to the equipment. With the help of a buddy, you can enhance your gym session by chatting to someone on the bike or cross trainer, complete exercises in pairs or simply get shown how to use the machines.

A Glasgow Uni second year student told us: "I think going to the gym with my buddy has been great as it really helped me gain confidence, as before hand I never had any idea what to do in the gym.

"It was nice to have someone to go with as it can be quite an intimidating place at first as everyone knows what they are doing except you."

The scheme will run for four weeks, and students will meet their buddy for a minimum of one hour each week. This should be enough time to help get the student into/back into exercise and hopefully give them the confidence to go to the gym independently. Another great thing about the GUSA buddy system is that students will get free access to the gym with their buddy without having a membership, so that they can try it out before deciding if they want to commit to a full year!

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Run alongside your buddy on these treadmills!

Sport and fitness not only improves your physical state, but it is hugely important to your mental wellbeing, particularly during the exam period when workload is heavy. If you feel yourself getting stressed about going to the gym, get involved in the GUSA buddy system and maybe then the Stevenson building wont be such a scary place after all.

If want to find our more about the scheme, or to sign up for a buddy, you can email [email protected]