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The complete guide on how to survive the Glasgow University Ski Trip

There’s going to be alcohol, lots of it

The Glasgow University Ski and Snowboard Club is one of the biggest sports clubs on campus and this year they are taking their members to Pas de la Casa, Andorra, in what is undoubtedly going to be their craziest trip yet.

But what goes on out there, deep in the distant snowy Alps? One year ago, I, like half of Glasgow University, travelled to Tignes/Val d'Isere for seven days of pure powder and partying. For those lucky students going this year, here is the one stop shop guide to everything to expect from a GUSSC ski trip.

Be prepared for the coach journey

Being on a bus for 24 hours will test your personal endurance due to the severe lack of leg room and lack of phone signal. Try and get as much sleep if you can, as it will be most of the sleeping you will do throughout the entire week. If you are drinking, stay well clear of beer or you will be needing the toilet every 15 minutes.

Stock up on all the booze

You will be drinking and yes, a lot. When you arrive in the resort, buy as much of your alcohol as possible from the local supermarket. Do not, and I repeat, do not buy cheap wine that costs under €2.50 unless you want to poison yourselves. Also, take a hip flask with you on the mountains as drinks are horrifically expensive. You will be broke very quickly otherwise.

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Get ready to live, literally, on top of your roommates

I guarantee you the rooms aren’t massive and you will most likely share a bed with one of your friends. Once the drinking starts, your room will transform into a bomb site and will stay that way until you leave the resort. Think about your halls in first year, but ten times worse.

Be prepared to be naked all the time

Whether its on the slopes, at Après or simply on your last night out in the club; you will at some point have all your clothes off. The chant "GLASGOW GET NAKED" will be stuck in your head for the next few weeks. Fact.

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Anyone from Made in Chelsea here?

If you aren’t a confident skier, don't take your skis to Après

Trying to stack down a mountain as a beginner in order to get the last chairlift is not fun when you're drunk. Get the gondola instead.

And finally…buy painkillers to suppress your hangover

You will regret spending an entire day in bed due to a "headache" instead of getting out on the slopes. At least buy some paracetamol for long enough to get a few runs in and get the full experience!