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D*** F***** queue 2018: Fire alarms, stampedes and eight hour waits

People started queueing at 12:35 am

Glasgow University Union's annual D*** F***** Ball released their much-prized tickets at 9am last Thursday. As expected, there was high demand, with some students queueing for up to eight hours.

People started queueing just after midnight outside the Union, with some even bringing sleeping bags, a tent and an inflatable mattress along with them.

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The starting line of the queue on Thursday morning

By 4am the queue had already reached the Stevenson Gym and continued to grow at a rapid pace. However, chaos ensued when the fire alarm was triggered inside the gym at around 6am and two fire engines arrived outside not long after.

Suddenly, everyone who was queueing on Oakfield Avenue was forced to move off the road by the fire brigade. This resulted in a stampede and a disorganised queue was formed on Gibson Street, leaving many students confused and frustrated.

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The official statement given by the Stevenson Gym

Despite this, everyone who had been queueing since the early hours refused to give up hope and the doors finally opened at 8am. Individuals were allowed to buy one or two tickets and each one costed £40.

However, by around 1pm it was announced that only five tickets were left for sale, and it did not take long before they were quickly sold.

The annual event will take place after exams on Friday 14th December before the Christmas holidays begin. This year marks the 110th time the event has run and the secret theme is yet to be revealed.

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